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As many of your prayers went up for our meeting with the Mayor on Thursday, Our God Showed Himself FAITHFUL.

The Lord Strong and Mighty gave us everything that we prayed for, plus some.

As we stated in our email, our purpose for meeting with Mayor Berke was not to get him to sign the proclamation. We were there to 1) hear his explanation for not signing the Proclamation, 2) glorify God by sharing the Gospel, and 3) make clear the goal of Covenant Keypers and the Churches.

Well, you need to know that 13 faithful people showed up including, Pastors, laypersons, brothers and sisters both Black and White to meet with our Mayor.

YES, YES, YES, God answered all of our prayers and the meeting was a great victory for the cause of Christ.

As we convened the meeting, the very first thing Mayor Berke’s Deputy Assistant said was, how sorry she was that the original Proclamation we submitted was not signed. She said it should have been signed just as it was written, however, the proclamation was only seen and handled by the language department but did not go through the complete review process.

They offered to sign it yesterday even though they acknowledged that the date had past. I expressed how grateful we were to hear her words of apology. And I accepted their offer to sign the proclamation even though it had past for our files.

We continued in the meeting with several pastors sharing what the Church and God’s people still believe about marriage and how God’s word changes the hearts of men not just the external.

Other pastors and leaders made clear that we want to be assured that the Mayors’ office will not discriminate against us because we believe the Word of God and that marriage according to the scripture is still between a man a woman.

Mayor Berke agreed and expressed that the Church has to be the Church and that it plays a vital role in the community. He also noted the vast number of churches in our area and that we are considered the bible belt. When asked by me, Mayor Berke also stated that going forward, he would not discriminate against the church and Covenant Keypers what we believe.

I closed by asking that he consider the value-add that Covenant Keypers and the churches can be to his agenda to fight the crime in our city and he agreed.

Mayor invited us to work together wherever we can with the understanding that Covenant Keypers is Christian and Faith Based and all of our outreach to the community will be from that perspective. He has no problem with that position.

We exchanged business cards and agreed that we will be in touch with any ideas that we would like for the City of Chattanooga to consider to help resolve and reduce the crime in our city.


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