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St. Elmo Missionary Baptist Church celebrated it’s 15th Marriage Recognition Sunday on February 12, 2012, during morning worship service.
Sunday, February 12, 2012 Marriage Celebration, all married couples received a bag sweets. Engaged couples received a beautiful cup with candy. All couples married 50yrs or longer received a beautiful basket with a gold bow. St. Elmo Marriage Ministry members jump the broom including our pastor and wife. Pastor Church delivered a massage on marriage. Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds received a “One in a Million” basket for 61 years of marriage. .
St. Elmo Marriage Ministry meets every first Friday in each month for study and discussion.
Book studying from is Life 101! Marriage.
Men: The Role of the Christian Husband: To Love, To Lead, To Live, Ephesians 5:25 Husbands, love your wives, just as also Christ loved the church and gave Himself for her.
Women: The Role of the Christian Wife; God’s Dsign: A Wife Who Helps and Completes. Genesis 2:18 “I will make a helper who is like him.”
St. Elmo M.B. Church Marriage Leaders: Lamar & Wanda Threat

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