Greetings Married/Engaged Couples!


Join CK as we explore the efficacy of building our “HOPE” on nothing less than Jesus’ Blood and Righteousness!

Join with us every Thursday at 6:55 p.m.

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This is a past event. Please join us this Thursday, 3/25/21 and every Thursdays for great meetings like this!

Overcoming COVID-19


The winners of the Covid-19 Story.  A beautiful basket full of gifts and $250 cash! Presented to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Evans, Transforming Faith Baptist Church married couple leaders. 

Stepping Out in Faith

During the COVID-19 shutdown, my husband’s barber shop had to close as they were not considered essential workers, so we were without his income for several months. God sent random gifts throughout this time that we are still most grateful for. We continued to tithe during this time.  When my husband returned to work, we did the math. The amount we were gifted was the same amount we tithed, plus $40. My husband’s clientele has still not returned to pre-COVID status. Then, God led me to leave my job of 6 years and my career of 18 into a different industry which has come with a very significant pay cut. Because I took a leap of faith and followed His leading, He continues to provide all of our needs. We are even paying off debts in the midst of all of this. To God Be the Glory!!!

Thomas & Pam

Covenant Keypers 2021 God’s Complete Woman (GCW)


April 20th, “Discreet”, Rosalyn Hickman
May 18th, “Sober”, Susan Moss
June 15th, “Keepers at Home”, Nadia Terry
July 20th, “Love and Obey Your Husband”, Jessica Edwards
August 17th, “Reverent in Behavior”, Brenda Kirk
September 21st, “Chaste/Purity”, Raven Cooper

Meet and Greet – 6:15 p.m. 6:30 p.m.

Teaching, Q/A, Ministering- 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.



Hello Covenant Keypers Partners and Married Couples!

Covenant Keypers (CK) is at it again!  Don’t be hindered or blocked from celebrating Marriage Recognition Sunday this year in your local church on Sunday, February 14, 2021 and giving glory to God for Biblical Marriage.

Make your plans now to celebrate marriage and those married couples who are still together in the midst of an unprecedented time in history.

You may have to do it differently but please do something!  Speak up and bless those who are keeping their marriage vows and let them know they are appreciated.  Let’s focus our attention on God’s agenda and move away from the political fights.  Join CK as we keep up the good fight of faith!

Please circulate the attached letterflier, and great ideas sheet to your church’s clerk, administrator, or secretary and get the word out like never before.  We can do this all over America with your help!

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To register for the Couples “Night-In” event, click on the flyer. Once registration is complete, an email will be sent with instructions to pay for the event.

In 2019 Covenant Keypers made the bi-annual Women’s Seminar available for pre-teen & teen young ladies to include teachings on Truth & Loyalty among many other important information beneficial to all age groups.

WDEF-TV “Live Chat” 2019 CK Women’s Seminar

First Baptist Church of Hixson Sunday Feb 9, 2020.

We recognized all our Married Couples and our Widowers. A Prayer for both married couples and widowers was prayed. A proclamation was read before our married couples. Cards was given to each couples and our widowers. I have attached the poster that is placed in the sanctuary, listing the names, year married and how many years of marriage. 

Greetings Married Couples!

You’re invited to join Covenant Keypers’ guests each Thursday and hear how you and your spouse can reconnect at home during this Coronavirus Pandemic!  No registration necessary, just mark your calendar and join us each Thursday at 7 p.m.

New and exciting ideas on how to keep your marriage growing and glowing will keep you and your spouse coming back week after week!!!!

Also, hear a real-life couple’s testimony and a special time in prayer for married couples everywhere.   Don’t miss this wonderful time together with couples from all over.

Join Covenant Keypers telecon call every Thursday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. ATTENTION NEW CALL-IN NUMBERS FOR THIS MONTH! JOIN IN BY CALLING 518-318-7979 – NO CODE NEEDED!

Guest Presenters, Testimonies, & Prayer Leaders

  • Pastor Maurice & Melinda Gilchrist
  • Elder Chris & Rhonda Eaves
  • Pastor Billy & Sharron Church
  • Mitchell & Crystal Tulloss
  • Vernon & Martha Tannahill
  • Pastor Carlos Williams
  • Brent & Michelle Manion
  • Drs. Vant & Janice Hardaway
  • Pastor Randy & Magellan Peterson
  • Steve & Mary Reiter
  • Anthony And Carrie Griggs
  • Gary & Rosalyn Hickman
  • Pastor Paul & Everette Cannings
  • Dr Clarence & Brenda Shuler
  • Carlos & Frenise Mann
  • Lamont & Retina Johnson
  • Dr David & Sylvia Banks
  • Wayne & Laura Brown
  • Dr Tracy & Jessica Edwards
  • Dr John A. Jr. & Mildred Greeter
  • Brian A. Howard
  • Brenda Kirk
  • Dr. Joe Martin
  • Sylvia Banks
  • Regina Block
  • Lois "Mother" Hurd
  • Diane Hitt

Greetings Brothers and Sisters!

We’re are excited to have with us, once again, for our Thursday night’s Teleconf meet, Minister Chris and Rhonda Eaves, Associate Pastor of the Resurrected Reformed Baptist Church, one of CK’s Partner Churches.


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Couples Reconnecting Teleconference

“The Church is not the building. We are the Church!”
For years now we’ve either uttered those words or heard them uttered by countless numbers of Christians!

Hi I’m Rosalyn Hickman and I’m coming to you again today to share how I see the hand of God moving through the Coronavirus! Thank you for clicking in and again, as always I invite you to share with me how you see God’s hand moving in the Coronavirus! You may do so by emailing me at CovenantKeypers@gmail.com.

OK, let’s just jump right in and explore this statement: “We are the Church”
Not only is this statement true, but more importantly, it’s biblical. Yes, it comes directly
from the Word of God. Let me share a few scriptures with you:

Please Click Here to read the entire Bible Study in PDF. Once you finish reading it, please share your thoughts by posting a comment here or in our facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/notes/covenant-keypers/did-god-just-send-the-church-into-the-world-part-1/535232153861266/

You may also listen to the audio file here while following along with the script.